Chalkline Adds Floating Licensing and Simplifies Pricing Editions

Portland, Maine (August 7, 2017) – Chalkline, Inc. has added floating licensing to VisiSpecs, The Visual Specification System, while also simplifying the package editions.

New Floating Licensing and Simplified Packaged Editions

The existing strategy in pricing and licensing VisiSpecs to enable mid to large corporations the functionality and pricing options to best suit their budgets and implementation plans while also offering the smallest of firms a low entry price point continues.  Larger firms require better user management and collaboration functionality with the ease of data access in the cloud and simple deployment across their offices around the globe.  Smaller firms may initially only need easier and more efficient specification writing and publishing tools.

Floating Licenses are now offered which help in the rapid deployment of applications across a firm while reducing the need to track individual user-named licenses.  A pool of licenses enables many more users within the corporate account the ability to install, register, and use VisiSpecs.  Time and cost savings can be seen not only in the license procurement, but also in the management of additional licenses, users, and purchasing as VisiSpecs adoption increases throughout the firm.  The Per User licensing will also continue to help smaller firms and teams implement VisiSpecs at a lower price point.

Chalkline has also reduced the number of packaged Editions from 4 to 3 (Starter, Team, and Company Editions).  This simplification assists clients in finding the right Edition for their needs with fewer Edition changes as their needs grow.  Functionality within the Editions has been updated to reflect the major advancements in VisiSpecs over the past year.

All VisiSpecs Editions now include the integrated Video Tutorials for FREE and Cloud Server storage space limitations have been removed across the board.  VisiSpecs volume-based license discounts start at just 11 licenses and the multiyear license discounts are still available.

The time, effort, and cost savings benefits greatly from the VisiSpecs Hybrid Cloud Server deployment.  VisiSpecs data is stored in Microsoft’s Azure Data Centers, which guarantees an industry-leading 99.99% availability. All VisiSpecs databases are protected by redundant backups and replicated servers with automatic failover. To ensure availability for disaster recovery purposes, VisiSpecs data is also replicated on a continuous basis to a secondary Microsoft Azure Data Center located in a different geographic region. This Active Geo-Replication protects the data from a catastrophic failure within the primary data center due to natural disasters or other causes of prolonged downtime.

Seamus McGrady, COO of Chalkline adds, “It is very rewarding to listen, problem solve, and respond to our client requests. This not only helps with the adoption of our VisiSpecs solutions but also helps our clients improve and achieve their business goals.”

With all these changes in functionality and pricing options, the initial price point remains at just $49/user/month while the Company Edition pricing is reduced to just $129/user/month.  Floating licenses are an additional 50% and available immediately.  The flexibility for month-to-month and pay-as-you-go payments and licensing will continue.  Educational curriculum licenses are highly encouraged and continue to be freely accessible.

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About Chalkline, Inc.

Chalkline is a developer of architectural and engineering specification software designed to visually document, coordinate, and verify BIM models and project specifications. VisiSpecs® is a suite of applications that includes VisiWord and VisiRevit. VisiSpecs is a software as a service (SaaS) cloud solution where its desktop and mobile applications store and access the model and specification data on the company’s cloud servers for easy access and collaboration among distributed team members. Built on familiar applications already in use by most in the market, VisiSpecs requires minimal training and setup time. Users can easily integrate their own masters and project documents with the project models to accomplish true BIM integration without learning to use complicated model applications and without a lengthy integration process. For those who do use model applications, VisiSpecs provides direct access to the project specifications and documentation. For more information, visit Autodesk®, the Autodesk logo and Revit® are registered trademarks or trademarks of Autodesk, Inc., and/or its subsidiaries and/or affiliates in the USA and/or other countries. All other brand names, product names, or trademarks belong to their respective holders.