VisiSpecsTM Value Based Pricing

VisiSpecs user licenses are typically just $139/month for most implementations and are reduced to as little as $49 for very small deployments.  Customers can justify the cost of VisiSpecs in just 1-2 hours of time saved per month!  The upside includes reduced IT management costs, access to centralized project files and data, improved team collaboration, coordination and verification of construction documents, and more.  Differentiate your firm’s services and products while delivering higher quality products with VisiSpecs.

** New **   VisiSpecs Floating Licenses

Based on continuous customer input and collaboration, Chalkline will be offering Floating Licenses of VisiSpecs in addition to the Per User licenses.  Floating Licenses offer flexibility, ease of deployment, and ease of use for medium to large sized firms.  VisiSpecs Floating Licenses will also enable many more company employees to register, use, and benefit from VisiSpecs.

Chalkline plans to continue to offer the lower priced Per User licensing benefiting smaller firms and teams.

Basic Edition is for very small firms with just 1 or 2 users wanting to save time and money through better editing, publishing, and collaboration while improving the quality of the overall design.

Standard Edition is for firms with up to 5 users, includes all of the Basic Edition functionality plus includes the BIM integration, coordination, and verification with specs and documents as well as visual model access while writing the project manual.

Premium Edition is for firms with up to 10 active users and includes all of the Standard Edition functionality with increased storage.

Enterprise Edition is for firms with more than 10 users and includes all of the Standard Edition functionality as well as the Free Training Video Tutorials and increased storage.

Included storage space increases 1/2 GB with each Edition.

  • Price Per User Per Month Billed Annually

  • Price Billed Monthly
  • Maximum Active Users
  • VisiWord
  • Project and Master Management
  • Project Tree Doc Access
  • Doc Outliner Editing and Navigation
  • VisiWord Editing Enhancements
  • Document Status Flags
  • Insert Docs from any Master or Project
  • Import and Export Project Docs
  • Import Project Files (JPG, PDF, XLS, etc.)
  • Design Guide Mgr for TOC, H/F, Merge Fields
  • Master Search Path Management
  • Document Archiving
  • Publish Project Submissions
  • Project Team Collaboration
  • Shared User Restricted Editing
  • Share Projects with External Users
  • VisiView
  • Visual and Dynamic Model Viewer
  • Model Data Tree
  • Doc Linker
  • Link Console Manager
  • Intelligent Model Key Alias Grouping
  • Automatic Insertion of Linked Docs
  • Filter, Search, Hide/Show Model Elements
  • VisiRevit
  • Access Project Docs directly in Revit
  • Model Sync to VisiView
  • VisiRevit Model Data Tree
  • Volume User Discounts Available
  • Training Tutorial Videos
  • Local Server Install Option
  • Cloud Server Storage per Corporate Account
  • Additional 1 GB Cloud Server Storage

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does the FREE Trial work?

You may use all the features of VisiSpecs FREE for 30 days after which you will need a license subscription.  You will receive friendly reminders as to how many days are left on your trial period each time you login to VisiSpecs.

How do we subscribe?

Contact VisiSpecs sales via email or phone to setup payments for user subscriptions.

What is our cost if we have 7 users?

7 users fit into the $109/month Premium Edition which totals $9,156/year.  Additional discounts are applicable for multi-year licensing.  NOW VisiSpecs offers floating networked licenses – talk to your sales rep for more information.

Do all of our Revit users need to subscribe?

Only those users you want to have the VisiRevit functionality need a login user license.

When will we go over the storage space included?

Your projects will differ but as an example, 1 GB will store 100 projects each with 100 50k spec sections and 25 200k related project files.  All the published project manuals and individual docs (DOCX and PDF) along with all reports generated are saved on the local computer and do not take up cloud storage space.  Also that DOCx files are smaller than DOC files.

What versions of Word and Revit are supported?

Desktop installed versions of Word 2010 and newer along with the current version of Autodesk Revit and the prior two versions.

How can I as an INDEPENDENT SPECIFIER benefit from VisiSpecs?

Management of H/Fs over the entire project controllable at the individual section level.
Publishing Manuals to Word or PDF separate docs or single project manuals is much easier and faster.
Consultant PDF files imported as part of the project, added to TOC, published with manual.
Centralization of project files in VisiSpecs folders (Proj Desc, Checklists, Submissions, Cut Sheets, etc.).
Ease of searching and inserting sections from previously written projects.
VisiSpecs editing tools to save time and money.
VisiSpecs supports your existing Word macros and Office customization.
Publish full length or outline reports from your project documents.
Deliver project Submittal Register reports to your client.
Clients and consultants can collaborate directly in their Word app making it easy to do without training.
Setup markup restrictions via standard Word Restrict Editing features (Read Only, Comment, TC Only).
Simple Accept/Reject on their Track Changes makes updates more efficient.
Archive team member markups directly in the project for future access as needed.
You and your Clients can add related files (cut sheets), submissions, project descriptions, checklists, etc.
Import Owner masters very quickly helping to centralize all projects in VisiWord rather than multiple tools.
Provide value added services such as delivering integrated BIM models and Specs/Docs.

How can I invite owners and consultants and others to review my specs?

Yes!  Simply add these users as a VisiSpecs team member and they can collaborate directly from their installed Microsoft Word application.  You may restrict your projects documents to be read only, comment only, track change only, or provide full editing capabilities to team members.  Status flags help to visually see their review status and archiving their markups means you always have a copy to refer to.

Is there an EDUCATIONAL version of VisiSpecs available?

YES!  Please contact for a FREE subscription for use in your curriculum.  Great to let your Alma Mater know!

Can I demonstrate the BIM integration to owners and management?

YES!  VisiSpecs links your existing Word project documents to your existing BIM models immediately!  No need to first update every family or material in your Revit model or convert and modify your documents!  Use the FREE trial and subscribe after your presentation (and promotion!).

Can OWNERS benefit from using VisiSpecs?

Yes, from project start all the way through to asset management!  Make sure your owner preferences are clearly communicated, written, and reviewed to ensure your highest quality products as the lowest cost is delivered.  Owners can even host their own design platform giving access to Designers and then Contractors and then FM to ensure there is nothing lost between design phases.  Contact us now to learn more.

Can Building Product Manufacturers benefit from VisiSpecs?

YES!  Specifications are what Contractors bid upon and BPMs need to be listed in the specs!  Whether you are writing the specs for your clients, providing Word specs, or collaborating with your clients, you can get specified in more projects using VisiSpecs.  Remember that giving clients a 3D model of your product means their model looks pretty, but your competition may be listed in the specs unless there is tight integration between your model and your specs.  Contact us now to learn more about getting your product specs and BIM models in front of VisiSpecs users.

Can CONTRACTORS benefit from using VisiSpecs?

YES!  Contractors must review all construction specs to know how to estimate and bid on projects.  Contractors also need intelligent linked access to the specs from within their BIM models during construction.  Updating specs with As-Builts and project commissioning are also benefited by using VisiSpecs.  Contact us now to learn more about using VisiSpecs as a Contractor.