Specification Software

for the AECO Market

Improve Quality While Saving Time & Reducing Cost.

Reduce RFIs, Addenda, and Change Orders.

Enhance Your Process & Improve Your Tools.

Implement in Days Instead of Months to Years.

VisiSpecs® The Visual Specification System

Chalkline is a developer of architectural and engineering specification software designed to visually document, coordinate, and verify BIM models and project specifications. Released in 2016, VisiSpecs is a suite of applications that includes VisiWord and VisiRevit.

VisiSpecs is a software as a service (SaaS) cloud solution, meaning its desktop and mobile applications store and access the model and specification data on the company’s cloud servers for easy access and collaboration among distributed team members. Subscription licenses for user access are available in monthly and annual terms.

Built on familiar applications already in use by most in the market, VisiSpecs requires minimal training and setup time. Users can easily integrate their own masters and project documents with the project models to accomplish true BIM integration without learning to use complicated model applications and without a lengthy integration process. For those who do use model applications, VisiSpecs provides direct access to the project specifications and documentation.


Owners / Developers

Throughout the building lifecycle, VisiSpecs enables a smooth transition of your design preferences and data while improving project team collaboration and access to information which results in lower building design, construction, and operation costs.


VisiSpecs enables architects, engineers, and other designers to improve quality, differentiate their services, and reduce time and costs. Adoption is fast and easy since VisiSpecs supports the tools you already use. Link your BIM models and specs in under an hour using our free trial!


Estimating, bidding, construction admin, updating as-builts, and commissioning require easy access to construction documents and drawings. VisiSpecs links the construction documents and drawings enabling access to critical data when and where it is needed.

Building Product Manufacturers

Creating a BIM model may look nice, but it is the specs that are used in the bidding and product selection process. Make sure your models and specs are linked and easily used throughout the design and bidding phases to increase your revenues and market share.