Case Study – BNIM Achieves Higher Level of Design Coordination

Portland, ME  May 12, 2020 – Chalkline, Inc. has published a Case Study on the evaluation, implementation, and success BNIM has achieved using VisiSpecs, The Visual Specification System.

BNIM is an architectural firm based in Kansas City, Missouri, that has built a national reputation for excellence in architecture, planning, interior design, and landscape architecture. The Case Study outlines the evaluation process and success achieved implementing the VisiSpecs BIM Integrated Specification solutions.  “VisiSpecs was given an overwhelming thumbs up by our trial users. It has enabled us to allocate the time saved during writing and publishing to do more Specification Master updates and Quality Control,” stated Sarah Hirsch, Associate Principal at BNIM.

BIM model and spec coordination is a standard process on projects helping to achieve higher levels of design coordination which were previously not available without VisiSpecs.

Read the complete Case Study and other customer testimonials here.

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About Chalkline, Inc.

Chalkline is the developer of VisiSpecsTM, the next generation suite of applications to visually document, coordinate, and verify the BIM models and project specifications. The technology visionary award winning VisiSpecs is a hybrid cloud solution where it’s desktop and mobile applications store and access the model and specification data on the Company's cloud servers for easy access and collaboration among distributed team members.  VisiSpecs is built on the familiar applications already in use resulting in minimal training and setup time. Users can easily integrate their own masters and project documents with the project models to accomplish true BIM integration without learning to use complicated model applications and without a lengthy integration process. And for those that do use the model applications, VisiSpecs provides direct, integrated access to the project specifications and documentation.  For more information, visit