VisiSpecs Publishes Sheet Specs in Newly Released v22.1

Portland, Maine (March 23, 2022) – Chalkline has released newly developed publishing functionality for sheet specs placed on drawings.

Customers who place their specifications on the drawings need a clean process to create, edit, and publish their sheet specs. VisiSpecs is now enabling the creation and editing of the specs direct in the familiar Microsoft Word application. The drawing size is also larger than the page layout offered in Word. VisiSpecs provides the ability to easily edit and publish the sizes required. Additional automation in VisiSpecs can filter the larger specifications into the shorter specs required.

VisiSpecs now enables customers to easily create, edit, and publish their sheet specs for placement on drawings.

VisiSpecs v22.1 also includes features such as Global Search and Replace throughout the project documents and Design Guide Template management functionality improvements. All customers under subscription have been updated with VisiSpecs V22.1.

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About Chalkline, Inc.

Chalkline is the developer of VisiSpecs®️, a next-generation suite of applications to visually document, coordinate, and verify BIM models and project specifications. VisiSpecs is a hybrid cloud solution, meaning its desktop and mobile applications store and access the model and specification data on the company’s cloud servers for easy access and collaboration among distributed team members. VisiSpecs is built on familiar applications already in use, resulting in minimal training and setup time. Users can easily integrate their own masters and project documents with the project models to accomplish true BIM integration without learning to use complicated model applications, and without a lengthy integration process. And for those that do use the model applications, VisiSpecs provides direct, integrated access to the project specifications and documentation. For more information, visit