Case Study – Black & Veatch Upgrade to VisiSpecs Exceeds Expectations

Portland, Maine (December 1, 2020) – Chalkline, Inc. has published a case study on the selection, implementation, and success of deploying and using VisiSpecs at Black & Veatch.

The Black & Veatch evaluation of available spec tools quickly showed VisiSpecs not only met the company’s needs, but provided additional submittal reporting, editing features, and publishing capabilities exceeding expectations. Specific features users liked were the automatic Doc Outliner spec editing tool, submittal reporting, automatic header/footer and table of contents creation, and Microsoft Word familiarity, all of which exceeded expectations. “The upgrade to VisiSpecs for our engineers has been a smooth process with high user adoption and low tech support.  I highly recommend VisiSpecs,” stated Michael Etheridge, Global Chief Engineer, Black & Veatch.

Read the complete case study and other customer testimonials here.

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About Chalkline, Inc.

Chalkline is a developer of architectural and engineering specification software designed to visually document, coordinate, and verify BIM models and project specifications. VisiSpecs® is a suite of applications that includes VisiWord and VisiRevit. VisiSpecs is a software as a service (SaaS) cloud solution where its desktop and mobile applications store and access the model and specification data on the company’s cloud servers for easy access and collaboration among distributed team members. Built on familiar applications already in use by most in the market, VisiSpecs requires minimal training and setup time. Users can easily integrate their own masters and project documents with the project models to accomplish true BIM integration without learning to use complicated model applications and without a lengthy integration process. For those who do use model applications, VisiSpecs provides direct access to the project specifications and documentation. For more information, visit