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FAQ: What is the best way to pilot VisiSpecs?

The best way to try VisiSpecs for free is to simply import a recently completed project and model that you are already familiar with. Use the VisiWord® editing, collaboration, and publishing features without the pressure of deadlines. Access the model’s visual elements and data benefiting you in the writing and coordination of the specs. Create model key links to your firm’s library of materials and elements WITHOUT first having to change them in any way! Add or delete linked elements and documents to see the coordination and verification flags.

Short video tutorials will walk you through various tasks such as importing docs, creating your header/footer templates, linking your model and docs, editing features, and more.

Waiting for the “right project” is not necessary, since VisiSpecs doesn’t require a great deal of time and effort to budget into a project cycle. Don’t wait to take advantage of the time savings, visualization, coordination, and verification capabilities.

Have a question or want to see the collaboration in action? Share your locked project with the VisiSpecs user,, and see how the team collaboration benefits everyone!