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Can I setup my own custom Project Tree folder structure for use on projects?

Absolutely!  Probably the best way to do this is create a Group Template Project with your custom edited folder structure, initial project sections and files and hyperlinks, and custom project settings.  Each new project you create in that group will prompt you to use the project template.  Another option is to open your project and do a Save Project As to create new projects.

Can my consultant provided PDF files be included in my project manual?

Yes.  Use the Insert Documents > Import Docs from File System menu pick.  The Importer will automatically setup the Numbers, Names, and Division Folders based on the filename of the PDF(s) which you may edit in Step #3 of the Importer if needed.  Be sure to right click in the project tree to View the Item Info and uncheck Exclude This Document From The Table of Contents if you want the TOC to automatically include the PDF(s) and page counts for you.

How do I create a template project with my default settings and documents?

Create a template project (or rename an existing one) with “Group Template” in the project name (include the quotes) such as Healthcare “Group Template”.  Each new project created in that group will prompt the user if they wish to use the group template project or not as a starting point which will copy all of the project settings, search paths, documents, etc. to the newly named project.

How do I modify the Project Tree items?

Right click in the project tree area and select Edit Project Tree.  You may also right click in the project tree area to add project files, hyperlinks and remove documents.

Is there a good way to indicate what documents I have completed and those that I still need to work on?

Project Status Flags are a great way to do this.  Right click in the project tree and toggle to show the flags.  Click on a document’s flag to change it to Green (completed) or Yellow or Red.  You may also run the Project Status report showing all of the project documents and their flag statuses.

The VisiSpecs Word Add-in is no longer in my menus.

Microsoft Windows and Word updates can remove Add-ins from the ribbon menus.

To enable the add-in, do one of the following in Word:

  1. File > Options > Add-ins > Manage COM Add-ins > Click Go…
    1. Check the box to enable VisiWord and click OK (do not click Add).
  2. File > Options > Add-ins > Manage COM Add-ins (use drop down to go to Disabled Items) and click Go…
    1. Select VisiWord and click Enable and Close.

Close and reopen Word to ensure VisiSpecs tab and ribbon menu are enabled.  If neither of these keep VisiWord enabled, uninstall using Control Panel and then install VisiWord again.

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